Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Decorate your child's room - top tips for creating happy spaces (Part 2)

Carrying on our 'New Year, new home' decorating series, here are our next 2 top tips for decorating the kids' rooms.

Tip #3 Use space wisely

Create defined zones for sleep, work and play. If children are sharing a room divide the room by using different accessories such as lamps, shelves and pictures that complement each other but are different enough to define each child’s separate space. This adorable set by artist Alison Jay would make a lovely pair for instance.

Rugs are a great way to divide floor space without creating a physical barrier in a room. Giving each child their own special space gives them a sense of ownership and a place in which they can take pride.

Tip #4 Keep it clean

The secret to a tidy room is often in the amount of clever storage. Keep large colourful tubs (such as these available from www.gltc.co.uk), boxes or trunks that can be used to store toys, crafts and books easily. If there is a place for everything tidy-up-time will be a breeze and your happy space will stay a happy place!

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