Friday, 9 March 2012

Interview with an artist...Ingela P. Arrhenius

This week we dart over the North Sea to the town of Stockholm to interview the artist Ingela P. Arrhenius! Ingela is an Illustrator whose work is heavily inspired by the 50’s and 60’s. Take a look at her popular collection exclusive to Happy Spaces and save 15% on all her art as part of our special feature.

How would you best describe your style of art?
I am and have always been inspired by the 50´s and 60´s, both in my work and interior decoration. It is naive and graphic.

What is your most loved childhood memory?
I can’t think of a specific one, but I LOVED my hamsters. I also loved it when I took my bike out and it was spring time again.

Who or what was your biggest influence in deciding to become an artist?

I can’t really say, it just happened. When I was a child I used to draw a lot. As an adult I worked at an advertising agency as an assistant and attended art school. After that I thought I would become an art director or graphic designer. Then I realized that all my work at art school became illustrations so I started to work with that. And the rest is history.

Which artist do you admire the most?
Two Swedish ones (no longer alive): Olle Eksell and Stig Lindberg

If you could recommend just one book for everyone to read what would it be?
“Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney. A good reminder for everyone how important it is to say nice things to one another. I cry EVERY TIME I read that book to my kids. Yesterday we were selling some things at a flea market where I live and suddenly I saw it among all the other books we were about to sell, I don’t know how it got there I took it away just in time!

If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be?
Superman ofcourse. So that I can fly!

What was your favourite toy as a child?
A cuddly toy called Lafayette, named after one of the dogs in the movie “The Aristocats”.

What is your HAPPY SPACE?

On the sofa with my family, at a big flea market or out running (I did the Stockholm half marathon recently and I am proud over it :-)

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Happy Spaces Press

What a fantastic month it’s been! Another one of Happy Spaces popular artworks was selected for a feature in the February issue of Mother & Baby Magazine. Take a peek at the colourful insert below. Circus by Eliza Sheehan (the featured artwork) is one of a series of 3 gorgeous prints featuring the adventures of the lovable baby owl Quinn, representing the wondrous, carefree and creative aspirations and adventures of children. This gorgeous design can be purchased individually at £29.95 or as part of a set of 3 prints for £80.87.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy News!

We wanted to say a very big congratulations to our lovely and very talented artist, Elisa Sheehan whose beautiful baby daughter, Nola, arrived on the 27th of January. Thank you so much Elisa for sharing her photo with us and we wish you and your family lots of love and happiness.

Elisa's eldest little girl, Quinn, was the inspiration behind her gorgeous collection of prints starring the very loveable owl by the same name. Elisa told us she has been working on new art for Nola's this space!