Monday, 30 January 2012

Decorate your child's room - top tips for creating happy spaces (Part 1)

Once we have rung in the New Year and safely packed away the Christmas decorations for another year I always feel the need for a little bit of decorating to spruce up the house. I have been told that I am not alone in this need to revamp so we thought we would do a little series to help anyone else who loves a bit of 'New Year, new home' decorating with tips and ideas for decorating the kids' rooms which can sometimes feel a bit daunting. Over the next few days we will be giving you our top tips in the hope that this inspires you to dust off your paint brush and breathe some fun and creativity into your little one's spaces.

Tip #1 Getting started

Using a neutral backdrop for the bedroom walls and bedding is always a great way to get started. Then introduce bright colours and patterns with accessories, such as cushions, wall stickers or pictures. Try including images that are both friendly and educational to create a positive and stimulating atmosphere. Designs such as the one below (by artist Laila Hills) are filled with fun and offer a great way to engage a child by asking questions like, can you name all the animals?, where do you think they live? What colours are they? Let’s make up a story about them!

Tip #2 Let them put their own stamp on it

Allowing children to put their stamp on their bedroom can encourage them to spend more time in it and make it truly feel their own.
Make a special place for their treasured possessions; such as a favourite teddy, toy or blanket. Display it on a shelf where they can access it easily or give it a special place on the bed. Include photos of favourite memories with family and friends that make them feel comforted.
Display art and craft projects that have been completed by them at school or together with a loved one. Having a piece of their own art on the wall is sure to instil a sense of accomplishment when they see it each day. Why not use something like this handy wall art holder; it comes with loads of pockets, perfect for displaying more than one masterpiece! (Available from

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