Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Interview with an Artist - Carla Daly

Every few weeks we’ll be interviewing one of our talented artists to give you a glimpse into their world of art and find out what, where or who provides them with that all important inspiration.

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This week, we kick off our first interview with artist Carla Daly from Dublin and as a way of introducing this special feature we are offering a very, very special discount of 50% off all of Carla's designs for 2 weeks only (offer ends 16 November).


How would you best describe your style of art?
Fun, bold, colourful and childlike.

What is your most loved childhood memory?
My Mum telling me stories at bedtime. The best stories were always the ones she made up!

Who or what was your biggest influence in deciding to become an artist?
My Mother, she was an artist too. She created daily; creativity was just a way of life in my house.

Which artist do you admire the most?
Too hard to say, I really like a lot of artists, more recently I love the illustration work of Allan Sanders.

If you could recommend just one book for everyone to read what would it be?
For kids, I would recommend a series of books I illustrated with Roy Apps. The Twitches, I read them to my kids and we all laugh so much.

If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be?
Fireman Sam, my kids would be soooo impressed with me!!!

What was your favourite toy as a child?
My Dad travelled a lot when I was a child and came back from America with a Big Bird from Sesame St. It was quite a unique thing to have back in Dublin in those days. I still have it and my kids play with it now.

What is your HAPPY SPACE?
My art studio. I recently moved house and converted my attic to an art studio, I have a balcony where I can see the river Liffey, the river that runs through Dublin city. It is a small studio but I love it.

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