Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Starting Big School

My baby boy, my first born, started school in September, an emotional and exciting time for both of us! He is an August baby so I have been acutely aware that he is very young to be starting school and is starting off behind a lot of his school mates.

As a mum all you want is to do your absolute best for your children and being a teeny weenie bit of a control freak, I decided we needed a plan to help him as much as we can at home - first step 'Letters of the Alphabet'!

I got out our sample of Laila Hills' 'Alphabet Poster' and started teaching my son the letters and sounds of the alphabet, made all the more enjoyable and attention-grabbing by the gorgeous pictures and characters. Oh my goodness, he absolutely loves learning about the alphabet and it is definitely making a huge difference. Thank you lovely Laila for a fabulous piece of educational art!

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