Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Spaces at Baby Zilli Launch

A little while back Happy Spaces were invited to attend the launch of Baby Zilli, the new organic baby food range from celebrity chef Aldo Zilli.

The launch was a great success. One of the highlights for me was the balloon maker. By far the best I have honestly ever seen, creating anything from colourful giant octopuses to space men with radar guns! (a great idea for a kid’s party).

Happy Spaces
were very proud to be there to represent our beautiful wall art for children. We also provided a unique fine art print for each of the celebrity goodie bags from our new range being released online in June (watch this space for details).

At the end of the event the kiddies looked content and full to the brim and we took home some yummy Baby Zilli food pouches to try out with our little ones.

Thanks for the invite Baby Zilli!

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