Thursday, 26 May 2011

Outside Fun for the Kids

As a mum of a 3 year old boy who wants to spend every waking hour outside, I am always trying to find fun things for him to do outside to teach him about nature and keep him stimulated (and me too!). The other day I stumbled upon a little gem of a website run by The Woodland Trust and aptly named Nature Detectives. It is packed full to the brim of outdoor activities that you can download and print out, from scavenger hunts to snail racing and amazingly enough you get all this for... NOTHING!!! Yes, that’s right all this for not even a penny – truly amazing these days! However, if you would rather not download and print all the activities yourself then you can just join the club for £12 per year and get printed material for 350 activities.
So there you go, summer in the garden with the little ones sorted – enjoy!

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