Monday, 29 March 2010

The difference between my son's mummy and daddy!

I really enjoy doing creative projects with my son because he absolutely loves it, so we try to use every special occasion to get creative. Being the mummy, I am generally in charge of supervising these projects, however, for Mothers’ Day, call me old fashioned, I thought it would be better for my husband to take charge of making my cards. I pretended to work while secretly watching proceedings and I was struck by how different a mummy and daddy can do things. When I’m in charge I wrap my child in his painting apron, line all surfaces with newspaper for a quick cleanup and try to enforce the 1 paintbrush for 1 colour rule but there was my husband with my son in his pyjamas (the apron never even thought of), no newspaper in sight and painting with fingers, hands and other little instruments! I had to bite my tongue when I saw the paint all over the pyjamas and stained table because I ended up with 2 beautiful cards and dare I say, although I will never admit this to my husband, a son who probably enjoyed the session slightly more because there was less fuss! You can see their beautiful creations below.

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