Friday, 8 April 2011

To buy or NOT to buy

I am a first time mum, expecting a little one to grace us soon with the joys and challenges of parent hood! And like many other first time parents I have spoken to out there, I am some what ‘befuzzled’ by the mind boggling amount of baby gadgets that are available to purchase for a new born.

As the due date steadily approaches the inevitable question of WHAT to buy rears its head and whilst I am excited at the thought of kitting out my nursery with the most beautiful, funky and latest gear for my baby, I am even more conscious of space and money (and the lack there of !).

Therefore I was very interested to read the latest survey by consumer group Which? That asked 1000 parents what their most useful and indeed their most useless baby purchases were. I am a huge fan of benefiting from the experience of hardworking parents that have been there and done that before me. So if you’re in need of a little advice before your baby shopping spree take a look at the results below. For full details of the survey check out which consumer website here.

10 Least Useful Baby Products bought by parents

1. Fabric sling
2. Nappy stacker
3. Baby washing (top and tail) bowls
4. Nappy disposal bin
5. Bumbo seat (plastic seat which helps your baby to sit upright – if you didn’t
know like me!)
6. Door baby bouncer
7. Baby carrier
8. Ride-on toddler board for buggy/pushchair
9. Night light
10. Baby reins

10 Most Useful Baby Products bought by parents.

1. Stair gate
2. Baby sleeping bag
3. Baby monitor
4. Changing mat
5. Baby change bag
6. Dummy/pacifier
7. Electric steam steriliser kit
8. Travel cot
9. Microwave steam steriliser kit
10. Digital ear thermometer

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