Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Happy Cooking with Kids

We have recently come across the fantastic blog My Daddy Cooks.

The story behind the blog is truly inspiring and tells of a dad, Nick, who had lost his business and found himself as a stay-at-home dad to a (*gorgeous*) 2 year old toddler, Archie. Nick started the blog as a creative project and something to focus on but it quickly gained momentum and it has become a full time activity. Nick now also has a book due out in May this year as well as a weekly radio show – a true success story!

The blog itself shows videos of Nick and Archie cooking / baking delicious, quick and easy recipes together in their home kitchen. After watching a few of these videos you not only get a good dose of the cuteness factor but you realise what a brilliant idea this is to teach kids about food and that even from an early age it is obvious that kids love to be involved in the kitchen. A definite two thumbs up from Happy Spaces!

One thing to note if you do decide to follow Nick and Archie’s example is that patience is definitely the key! Hope you enjoy having a good look around and trying out the recipes. We’ve included one of the videos below for a blueberry and lemon drizzle cake – and to all the Daddies out there, take note - this would score high on the brownie point scale if you presented Mum with this on Sunday!

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