Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Make a statement with children's art

We talk a lot about getting crafty with the kids, creating wonderful masterpieces together - wonderful quality time. However, we've never talked about what to do next. Between projects we do at home and creations they bring home from school and nursery I am inundated with their artwork so much so that there is a pile on my dining table that I'm watching grow bigger everyday and secretly challenging myself to see how big this pile can get!

I would love to display their artwork around the house in a way that doesn't make my house look like a nursery school so I'm on a mission to find beautiful, stylish ways to display the kid's artwork in your home.

Here is something that made me swoon (as seen here)! More to come soon. Feel free to send any of your own ideas to info@happyspaces.co.uk


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