Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hello Winter!

Well, winter started with a real bang this year – before its official start date and in full crowning glory! Our warehouse, where we dispatch all our products, is located in the Midlands and we wanted to share with you what we have been dealing with for the last few weeks. We started off with a lovely covering of snow on the 27th of November, just enough to go sledging and make a snowman and beautiful bright blue, crisp skies. It was on a Saturday as well which meant we were able to enjoy it with the kids for a change instead of being hampered by it. It was a lovely weekend!

A few days later it started snowing again – it snowed and snowed and snowed and then snowed some more! Seriously, there was more snow than I had seen, in this country or any other snowy country we have visited before. Needless to say this made dispatching orders, or even walking outside the door, somewhat tricky! So, thank you very much to everyone who was affected for bearing with us and being so patient – we appreciate it!

With snow covering much of the UK again (fortunately the worst of it missed us this time) all bets are on for a white Christmas this year. Woo hoo!

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